We Made a Smart Move to a State Where It Costs Less

Because my husband and I are getting close to retirement age, we decided that wear are going to cut back wherever we can. We have been planning for this for awhile, and we got started on our plan as soon as possible. One of our goals for saving money was to move back to Texas where family is. This would save us a lot of money on flying back and forth. Not only that, certain things are cheaper there, too. For example, we were able to go to http://energyproviderstexas.com and choose which company we wanted to choose our electricity through. This is already saving us a lot.

We previously lived in one of the states that many people talk about the high cost of living. We moved there when we were very young and were making a lot of money. I really feel that we should not have done that because a single-family home with only two bedrooms cost us $400,000 there. It was not even a spectacular home, just one that an average family would live in. We sold that house, moved back home and bought something that is much less inexpensive and even nicer than what we had before. We’re also saving about $150 per month on our power bill, too. Neither of these things were possible where we last lived.

We figure that we can also help our younger relatives save money, too. By living nearby, we can watch their kids for them when they need us to do so, and that will help save them a lot of money. We will also be nearby for the older relatives who may feel like they need to pay high costs for a handyman or a delivery service. Instead, we can run errands for them ourselves. We think this will work out quite well.

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