Just Bought Some Land Near Laredo

This is something that I have been looking to do for a long time and I have finally in a situation where I am financially able to do it. I have just bought some land near Laredo and I have began planning to build a little ranch out there. Right now the land is unimproved, although it was once part of a much larger ranch. There are no structures and no fences, although you can see traces of where some fences once stood. The first step was to go on the web and look for Laredo TX energy providers. I am going to do what I am able to do on my own and I am going to need some power to get started. I am thinking that I shall probably find an old camper trailer and use it as an HQ for the project until I get a house built. The main thing I am thinking about is how to minimize the cost of month to month operation. That is mostly going to be able reducing the energy needs of the place. So I am sort of thinking about using the idea of what some people call an earth ship. Mostly that means you dig your house into the ground and you use the insulating properties of the earth to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the Winter. Of course in this part of the world, there is not a lot of Winter to worry about in most years. Once in a bit you get a snow storm blowing in off of the plains, but the big thing is going to be keeping the house cool when it is a hundred and ten degrees on a summer day. That is something you have to plan for obviously.

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