I Started Making Some Videos

It certainly is not what I was hoping for when I went to film school, but of course you need to earn a living as best as you are able and I can put this on my resume to try to work towards what I really want. What I am doing is making corporate video for web sites, and apparently this is a really big industry. If you think about it there is not any way that you can have any size company and it not have a web page. These days people would not think much of any company that they could not Google and find on the web. If you have a web page, then you need to fill it with content which is going to advance the objectives of the corporation. You want to sell yourself and promote the products and services that your company can provide to the end consumer.

I have done a half dozen videos so forth, the majority of them for a single company which is in the business of recruiting for other businesses. It has been a lot more enjoyable than I would have thought, mainly because there is this really great girl who is in charge of making sure that I do what they want me to do. I have been trying to be professional, but she is extremely attractive for a number of reasons and I have caught myself flirting with her a few times. Of course I need to do the job and the easiest way to get fired would to be a jerk to this girl. In fact I am quite sure that she is very accustomed to having guys chase her, that is just how it is when you have all of the things that a guy wants in a girl.

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